MOU Details



  1. Student Exchange Program
  2. Faculty Exchange Program
  3. Internship for Students
  4. Collaborative Research on common area of interest
  5. Organizations of joint conferences and seminars
  6. Strengthen international cooperation



  1. Design, develop and deliver programs ensuring required quality in ICT domain which in turn will lead to professional courses as per the industry requirements and making aspirants employable.
  2. To be quality skill enhancement partner and projects integrator for corporate and government agencies.
  3. Faculty Development Programs (FDP) for institutions and skill training partners
  4. Working closely with industry for establishing the curriculum as per its requirements and also with academic in order to enhance the quality of Technical and Engineering education in the country.
  5. Enhancing skills of students/aspirants through internship and industrial training.



  1. Axiom Softech Pvt. Ltd. Will offer summer/winter Internship to students of P.R.POTE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, AMARAVATI at Axiom Softech Pvt. Ltd. So that the students get hands on experience of live project & live research. The number of students, who can be selected for internship, would be based on some selection process includes Aptitude Test, Technical Test and followed by the personal Interview.
  2. Axiom Softech Pvt. Ltd. Will arrange to provide periodic Industrial visits to students and faculty of P.R.POTE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMEN T, AMARAVATI at its sites to enable them to get practical exposure and learning from interaction with staff members of Axiom’s research team.
  3. Depending on requirement Axiom Softech Pvt. Ltd. Will provide Technical Workshop, Faculty Development Program , CRT, Industrial Orientation Program, and Guest Lecture with identified deliverable to be executed by P. R. POTE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, AMARAVAT I.
  4. Axiom Softech Pvt. Ltd. May participate in campus placements to hire talent from P.R.POTE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, AMARAVATI
  5. R.POTE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, AMARAVATI will give preference to officials of Axiom Softech Pvt. Ltd. In pursuing advanced Research and Development to students as per Axiom’s requirement.
  6. Axiom Softech Pvt. Ltd. May arrange technical workshops/Forum/Guest lecture in P.R.POTE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, AMARAVATI for faculty and students. All the one day activity will be non-commercial. For the activities containing more than one day, detail modalities including financial would be mutually worked out for each assignment.
  7. The parties mutually agree to share the information in hard and soft form available with them in strict confidence; and will respect the intellectual property rights of each other. If the decision not to peruse a collaborative activity is taken, all the information shall be returned to the rightful/source owner.
  8. The parties mutually agree to share infrastructure facilities like laboratories, class rooms, library, etc. whenever required for execution of the various programs as per the mutually agreed schedule and conditions.
  9. Each party shall appoint one nodal officer to take periodically review and identify ways to strengthen cooperation between both the parties.

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