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  • Name of Course: “One Day Workshop on “Arduino based IOT Applications”.


  • Nature of Course- Seminar (Online Mode).
  • Career Opportunity: Arduino based IOT Applications.
  • Objectives of the Course: To know the Arduino Environment.
  • Outcomes of the Course: Understanding the latest trends and technological changes in Embedded Environment.


  • Name of Resource Person: Mangesh Bharti.
  • Course conducted in Association with (External Agency/under MoU): R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering and Management Alumni Association.” Pote Estate, Kathora Road, Amravati.
  • Course Duration & Schedule: 19 Sep 2020, from 2:00 PM on words.


  • Target Participants: Second, Third & Final year Students.
  • Course Structure & Syllabus: —
  • Methods of Instruction: Online Mode.(Google Meet)
  • Course Mapping with POs and PSOs:Summary-:

    There are a lot of opportunities for ECE graduate in Embedded Sector. ECE guys also have low-level knowledge of Embedded Environment. If we talk about opportunities, you will have equal opportunities as other guys, but provided you have extra qualities or some qualities to match them. ECE guys who have just passed out from a college have less knowledge of programming as far as I know…So if you want to go in Embedded Environment. sector acquire programming knowledge…Learn Embedded C, according to your interest and you will be good to go. Companies look for quality of candidate.. If you are better than others there is no way you are not getting that job!