Workshop on
“Machine Learning & App. Development”
5th September 2019
Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Student Association (ETSA), ISTE & IETE student’s chapter organized one day workshop on “Machine Learning & App. Development”, on 5th Sept. 2019 at DSP Lab of P. R. Pote (Patil) College of Engineering & Management, Amravati. Workshop was conducted by expert Mr. Kalpesh Beldar (CEO & Founder, Beldar Tech-Flake, Network security engineer, Google India (Mumbai)) & Amit Khachane (DSC Lead, Crowdsource representative, Tech Speaker. Around 40 students from 3rd level EXTC branch took part in this workshop. Main focus of the workshop was to do hands on practical with Machine learning tools. There is a wide range of open source machine learning frameworks available like orange tool, Apache Singa, Amazon Machine Learning (AML) etc. in the markets, which enable machine learning engineers to build, implement and maintain machine learning systems, generate new projects and create new impactful machine learning systems.